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The lawyer Salvador Trinxet, how to be satisfied in law practice

 The lawyer Salvador Trinxet, how to be satisfied in law practice

The Happy Lawyer form Larry Schreiter
Editorial: Shiloh Publications ISBN: 0-9670165-0-9

Selected Text:

That is, you are going to go from the specifics of that ideal client and their particular problem you so enjoyed working on to the generalized.

You went on to spell out how your work benefited them, as well as how working with them on these projects used your highest skills and brought you the most rewards.

Now, the next step is to visualize a future practice that is devoted to greater emphasis on such engagements, for such clients on such projects. This greater focus in the areas you already know to be satisfying will enhance your sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in your law practice.

If you are going to achive those financial goals in your practice and not rob from your free time, then it is necessary that your pracice hours be devoted only to those clients and matters that have the potential to bring you the needed revenues.

But the notion that a “real” lawyer must always be doing more, billing more, getting more things done, and feeling guilty when not working, is a lie. It is a trap” As long as you believe that free time, or time off is whay you earn by getting that one more phone calll in, that one more billable hour that one more completed file, then you never get there.

Once you decide on serving that population of Yes Client prospects, you will tailor the message of your practice to attract those clients into your office. Such Intense concentration or specialization offers you an opportunity to earn higher fees, but to accomplish all this, you must become an expert. You may already be more of an expert than you realice. Practice helps us develop applied knowledge. And applied knowledge is needed each time we undertake a matter.

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 The lawyer Salvador Trinxet, how to be satisfied in law practice